Demos helping any information reach its audience without need for intermediators
The project founder tells about DEMOS capabilities
About the project
Why is DEMOS important?
With demos
Mass media
Mass media
Now you don't need followers to address any audience
No likes
No retention algorithm
No mediators and followers
About the app
Technology stack
Get essential information first hand
If someone puts out a post, only 100 nearest people will learn about it
How it works
If any of these people presses "Distribute" button, another 36 nearest people may look at it
A post can't be edited or deleted
Posts and it’s connectors are deleted automatically if no person presses "‎Distribute"‎ within 24 hours
Missing dog, what to do?
As a rule, people go for posting advertisements or typing in well-known chat
While 90% dwellers of the area where the dog went missing never know about the accident
Including people who would like to help localize missing pet
DEMOS distributes information to near-by people and each of them can distribute it further by the geolocation
Choose the audience you want to tell something, and it will itself determine where it's important to it
It's impossible to follow a post creator in the app
The audience doesn't belong to influencers
User feedback
Julia Temirgaleeva
Interesting way for content distribution, I don't think that there is something else like that. People assess not an author here, but the news or information itself, so it is distributed independently. You can choose engaging categories to avoid unnecessary messages. The distribution system works geometrically. As the result, many people will see my post if it's to the liking of the audience.
Yuri Bogomolenko
The app works flawlessly, 
functions well in all directions and doesn't hangs at all, the main process - the possibility to provide information by tags - is very clever and convenient. I have access
 to the application at any time, 
so I do really recommend to download it. It's really top-notch. It definitely deserves your attention, so you won't go wrong with it.
Michael Rodozin
It's easy to promote your information even if you don't have target audience, since the search is carried out by tags, 
and that's awesome. The application functions well, basic design 
without frills, everything is fine. That's why I recommend to download it to those who doesn't have many followers 
and wants to develop himself in the Internet and to share important things with people. It's 
Mihael Valsin
The most amazing thing is that you are able to interact with the users even if you don't have followers. 
I just promote the information I'd like to share via tags, it's simple 
and convenient in use app. All aspects of this type are well-thought and the app doesn't hang. The tag audience 
happens to be even bigger than the count of personal followers.
Daryna Markovets
It's a very cool app. I especially liked the feature that allows me to share posts with people who are in my geolocation area. The only downside is that such a feature in small towns, with a small number of users, it's unlikely to work well.

But apart from that, there are other effective tools for promotion.
Ilya Semyonov
A very cool app with a very cool concept that tries to equalize ordinary users and world famous bloggers in their right to publish content.

In theory, you can just post your content that is tied to a tag and not to you as a user, which is why the app is interesting. I think I will continue to use the app.
Myron Michael
Interesting and completely new to me social network and I had absolutely no problems when registering. You can both promote your own brand as well as just give useful ads.

Works well and as fast as possible. So far there are absolutely no problems at work, I give you a good rating.
My name is Mars
I have been engaged in social psychology for more than 10 years and based on my knowledge I created a unique algorithm.
Having built a simplified prototype, I showed it to the experts. After many-many attempts I was able to set a highly-qualified team of international level.
Using private information turnover algorithm
Application development lasts for more than 2 years
DEMOS vs others
Experienced professionals
Posts per month
DMS Token
Utility token
DEMOS ecosystem usage
Binance Smart Chain mainnet
18 decimals
Total: 3 000 000 000 DMS tokens
No burning
No additional emissions
Smart contract address
What for?
To become the original source for millions
Having nothing but hard fact
Now you can check information provided by mass media and influencers
At any extent
Now audiences
don't need mediators
To see how the things "really are"
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Declarations, collaborations and other types of cooperation with an individual or a company.
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